Posted by Jeffrey Chen

The bathroom is a highlight for home renovation. A toilet is a must for the bathroom and is particularly important. How to choose an ideal toilet amongst various options in the market? We will give a tutorial today.

Usually, a homeowner may purchase a toilet only base on its look and glaze, but some more advanced buyers care about how it flushes. The insiders know that the soul of a toilet is not its appearance, but the invisible parts, the design of the curvature of the trap way. A good trap way can save water and flush smoothly, rarely clog or splash water. When you buy a toilet, please pay attention to whether it would clog, splash water, flush well, save water, and soundproof. There are two flushing methods of the toilets on the market:

Wash Off

Wash off, as known as flush down and wash down. It is the regular European toilet design. The characteristic of this kind of toilet is that the tank is relatively small and narrow, the defecation opening (the big hole inside the toilet) is large, and the slope design inside the toilet is steep (there are jokes about how the water splashes when you take number two). It uses the pressure of toilet water to wash away the waste, so it makes a loud noise with tiny splashes. It contains about 6 liters water (1.6 gallons), and it is relatively water saving.