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The U-shaped kitchen requires a large space on both sides of the wall. Thus, it has a higher requirement for the width of the kitchen. It is better for families that have larger kitchens, and there is enough space in the center of the kitchen to walk around. Comparing with L-shaped and L-shaped kitchens, the U-shaped kitchen is more practical and aesthetic. The best feature of a U-shaped kitchen is that it is spacious enough to set more functional sections, the corners can separate each section by its funct

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U-shaped kitchen is better for spacious kitchens.

The Layout of a U-shaped Kitchen

U-shaped kitchen is great in storage, but not every kitchen is for this type of layout. When the kitchen is 2.2 meters wide, the cabinet is around 0.9 meters wide, it works better for a U-shaped kitchen. To ensure the golden triangle, an overly large kitchen is not the best option for it.

U-shaped Kitchen Design

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